a between, an outside, and a centre all at the same time. By Tim Etchells

Art De-LIVE-Ries in Lockdown

Aaron Williamson
A four part image. Top left Aaron, a white man is wearing a Boris Johnson-like wig and a union jack face mask, he holds a sign saying, 'carpe diem, carpe fisca?' Top right Aaron is lying down covered in trash. Bottom left Aaron is dressed in a green fantasy costume and mask coming out of a cardboard box. Bottom right Aaron is dressed in a camouflage cloak holding a flag that says, 'shag the flag'.

Futures of Live Art

Anne Bean
A mirror image of Anne, a white woman wearing a red jumper and holding a green handheld mirror. Anne on the left is holding the mirror infront of her face reflecting the mirror endlessly. Anne on the right is wearing circular sunglasses and holds the mirror to the side, reflecting Anne's face endlessly.

I Hope

Jamal Gerald
A dim lit performance space with audiences sitting on each side. A black person is lying in the center with a white outline drawn around their body. Standing beside them, a white person holding a cardboard cutout which says 'I'm the Opressor'
LIVE ART “Futures” By Annie Jael Kwan

My Heart Is Mine as It Is Yours and Ours

Alexandrina Hemsley / Yewande 103
Two faded images layered on top of one another. One of Alexandrina, a black person lying on the ground on their side wearing a body suit of silver pallets. The other image
Now It Is Now By An*dre Neely & Phoebe Patey-Ferguson